🚿 Cold shower

Start with a cold shower in the morning or evening. If you do it in the morning you feel more energized give the day a great start. You don't need to go straight under the cold water. If you used to shower hot you can either end your hot shower with a cold one or start decreasing the temperature each day.

„Are you crazy? I love hot showers! What’s the point in doing this?“

This is probably the most common reaction if you hear about the cold shower challenge for the first time. But that’s ok. We are used to take a hot shower every morning. Taking cold showers has a lot of benefits. Both mental and physical.

Here are just some of them:

  1. Better immune system
  2. More healthy skin and hair
  3. Testosterone increase
  4. More energy
  5. Better sleep
  6. Less stress
  7. Fat loss
  8. Stronger willpower

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24 Feb 2018 Advanced Level
Exactly 2 years ago I did my first cold shower challenge. I knew about the benefits, but didn’t manage do it again since then. Back then I quitted the cold showering directly and didn't manage to build a habit around cold showering. This was mainly because my main reason for doing this challenge 2 years ago was to prove myself I can do it. I didn't plan to continue doing it. But this time I wanted to build a habit. It was hard at the beginning. Very hard sometimes. Especially because it's winter here in Germany and the water can be freezing cold. After a few days it's getting easier and easier to go under the cold water. Even though I turned the water to ice cold (like I got a brain freeze sometimes) I didn't feel the cold on my body so intense anymore. Especially the upper body starts to heat up from within. The biggest benefit I got from this cold shower challenge is the mental strength you develop taking this step under the cold water. Once you are in the situation it's not as bad as you thought. You can project this to almost every situation in you life where you wanted to do something but hesitated to take the first step because of your fear. It's also a perfect start into the day. You feel so energized and fresh after a cold shower. I could not confirm the benefit for my skin and hair. They are still very dry. I will definitely doing this challenge again and will develop a habit.
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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

- Mark Twain


🚿 Cold shower

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