What is 30 Day Routine all about?

It's about to challenge yourself on a daily basis for 30 days to become the best possible version of yourself.

These are the core values of 30 Day Routine:

  • Trying out new things
  • Leaving your comfort zone
  • Facing your fears
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Developing yourself
  • Creating new habits
  • Help others

A big part of 30 Day Routine is the community of people helping and motivating each other to achieve their goals together. By sharing your daily experience with others your also help them to understand that even the greatest minds in the world need to start somewhere and keep struggling along the way.

Why exaclty 30 days?

30 days is good reference point to start creating a new habit you always wanted. After 30 days it will be just easier for you to do it on a consistantly basis.

Set your priorities

»I don't have time« - You will often hear this if someone is confronted with building a new habit. The truth is it's just not that important for you to make some time available. In order to build a new habit or destroy an old bad habit it needs to be one of your top items on your priority list. If something is important for you, you will always find the time.

Consistency is key

Deep habits take time, sometimes even decades. To face your fears or create a new habit you need to do something for a longer period of time. Ideally on a daily basis.

Often people underestimate what they can achieve in a short period of time. But they also underestimate how quick they can fall back into their old bad habits.

That's why most of the diets are not working because people lose weight within a short period of time and then quickly fall back into their old habits. A habit is not a short term project. It's rather a way of life.

Trying out new things does not mean you need to do them forever

There is no specific guidlines doing a challenge. Most of the challenges are designed to learn and try out new things. You don't need to force yourself to do a challenge or to reach a specific goal a challenge is specifing.

For example: If you just successfully finished the 30 day »No social media« challenge and you didn't use social media for 30 days at all it's very unlikely that you will never use social media again. This challenge is more about to prove yourself what you are capable of and to show yourself you can live without social media. Those 30 days are a good time to take a timeout and detox yourself from specific bad habits. Approach those challenges with fun.

If you use less social media after 30 days than before see this as a success and be proud of it. And of course inspire other people to follow your path.

Don't be a perfectionist

Nobody is perfect - and please don't even try to be perfect. Being a perfectionist might sound like you can be proud of it. But mostly it's not a good trait. Setting a perfect standard for what you want to achieve is an excellent excuse to don't even start.

The challenges are not about setting unrealistic goals. Not reaching your goal will probably make you feel guilty or disappointed.

Step by step

Your goal should be to do something consistantly to develop a longterm habit. Even after you've already finished a challenge. The key to success is to achieve this goal by taking micro steps.

For example: If you never read books in your life before, setting a goal to read one book a day is probably not a good idea. It will discourage you to keep up with those expectations or even prevent you to even start.

A better approach would be to read one sentence a day. How difficult is this for you? Probably not so much. Chances are you will even read more than this one sentence. You will reach your daily goal and won't be disappointed. Maybe you will read on the next day 2 sentences and so on.

After 30 days it will be significantly easier for you to read 30 minutes or more than starting directly with this goal.

Make mistakes and learn from them

If you don't start you can't fail. That's maybe true, but you also can't achieve your goals. 30 Day Routine encourages you to try out challenges you never did before. It doesn't matter if you fail or how small your steps might be. The most important thing is you started!

You can't fail if you started a challenge and tried your best. Just try it again and learn from your mistakes. That is what life is all about. And that's how you will reach your goals.

Happy challenging!

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